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Scientific Advisory

Since the early days of the coronavirus pandemic we have helped decision-makers in the United States prepare, mitigate risk, and implement effective public health strategies.

We are a pioneer, full-service scientific research and consulting firm dedicated to health solutions.

Our clients are leaders, organizations and businesses.


Science-backed Solutions


FirstBio Research and OSHA strongly encourage vaccination and testing of all workers against the continuing dangers posed by COVID-19 in the workplace and public events.

FirstBio's team of experts will train and guide your team through the entire testing process to ensure accurate testing results and your team's safety.

Our services include developing testing policies that are tailored to your company's needs, as well as a fixed price that includes rapid antigen tests, shipping, training, and expert advice.


Our COVID-19 Event Safety and Testing Solutions will help you plan the event's safety components while also advising COVID-19 precautions.

FirstBio will train your staff and advise your COVID policies. We procure, contract, purchase, and deliver rapid antigen COVID tests in a timely manner for your event anywhere in the United States.

We monitor and track real-time metrics and variables to make the best recommendations to avoid crisis and liability.

We provide you simple yet effective private self-reporting strategies for event attendees.


More than ever before is vital for employees, staff and leadership to be prepared and know how to take action in the event of an outbreak at the workplace. 

Our team of experts will train your staff and advise your leadership to ensure your organization is prepared and take proactive measures to avoid a public health crisis.

We ensure your event participants are trained on COVID-19 self-testing, reporting and safety precautions with an expert-led training session.

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