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Experts in science, medicine and strategy, our work is focused on helping leaders make the right decisions amidst uncertainty.

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Dr. Nissola has helped elected officials and organizations make the best decisions while facing uncertainties and keeping communities safe.

Advising officials and the media since the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, Dr. Nissola helped decision-makers in the United States prepare, mitigate risk, and develop a successful medical strategy.

Together with the Democratic Strategist and Chair of The Democratic Party of Hawaii, Tyler dos Santos-Tam, we help leaders and companies take action, navigate complex decisions and keep moving forward.

Leo Nissola, M.D,
Founder, Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Leo Nissola is First Bio's Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

Recently, at the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, Dr. Nissola designed the world's first-ever immunotherapy platform study for advanced prostate cancer, collaborating with America's most prestigious academic institutions.

He is an award-winning physician, immunotherapy scientist, immunologist and author, whose work challenged the status quo of clinical development collaborating with Nobel Prize Laureates. He built, evaluated, and designed data-driven COVID-19 epidemiological models, featured by the White House in Press Briefings, and conducted early phase oncology and immunotherapy clinical trials, collaborating with leading academic institutions in the United States.

Dr. Nissola has taken impossible ideas and thought-provoking breakthrough science into clinical development plans and clinical trial protocols—leading complex, adaptive, multi-stage, and platform studies for oncology and immunotherapy. His studies evaluated human health, clinical data, and the safety risks associated with drugs, devices, and biological materials.

He is a Nationally recognized Medical Doctor, and Immunotherapy Scientist featured as an expert constantly in the media. Dr. Nissola conducted Phase I and II clinical programs evaluating experimental treatments, including novel drug combinations, molecules, DNA-based vaccines, and analyzed tumor responses to immune checkpoint inhibitors.

After conducting multi-center clinical trials for years, Dr. Leo Nissola was selected to evaluate and design COVID-19 epidemiological models, clinical trials and help the media and Elected U.S. Officials guide the pandemic response. As an immunologist, Dr. Nissola is constantly featured in the press and television as a medical expert for his unbiased and science-based approach to finding public health solutions.

He has collaborated with leading academic, industry, and nonprofit leaders in the Oncology and Immunotherapy field, pioneering drug selection groups to target hard-to-treat types of solid cancers. His creative scientific mind explores opportunities for improvement in every aspect of an equation and problem.

He is passionate about public health and helping communicate science. His past work includes designing innovative clinical trials, authoring translational medicine strategies, and medical affairs. Previously, Dr. Nissola acted as the lead physician for multi-billion-dollar assets at leading biotechnology and multinational pharmaceutical companies. He is a former University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center Medical Oncology Research Fellow.

Featured as a medical expert by CBS News, MSNBC, CBS News, and other leading media companies, Dr. Leo Nissola provided over 300 television and streaming interviews since the start of the pandemic. Dr. Leo Nissola is a Keynote speaker and an immunologist who is mission-driven and passionate about improving overall human health.

Besides spearheading clinical programs and conducting clinical trials to discover the next generation of immunotherapies, he has an active voice in the media, helping guide and prepares leaders, the media, and stakeholders on pressing public health issues.

Tyler Dos Santos-Tam,
Principal Strategist

Tyler Dos Santos-Tam is First Bio’s Business Partner and Principal Strategist.

Mr. Dos Santos-Tam is based in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi and currently serves as Chair of the Democratic Party of Hawaiʻi after being elected in July 2020. He also serves as the Honorary Consul for Portugal in Hawaii and President of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce of Hawaiʻi. In this role, he works to promote trade, tourism, and cultural relationships between Portugal and Hawaiʻi.

He previously served for six years as the Executive Director of the Hawaiʻi Construction Alliance, the organization which represents the state’s 15,000-member strong Carpenters, Laborers, Cement Masons, Bricklayers, and Operating Engineers unions. In this unique role, he brought together representatives from these unions to promote cooperation, collaboration, and coordination within Hawaiʻi’s construction industry. His consulting business, Hōkūpaʻa Consulting, was founded in 2018 to assist labor and construction industry clients with their strategic communications, government affairs, and special projects needs.

Tyler previously served as Chair of Honolulu’s Neighborhood Commission, which oversees the City & County's neighborhood board system, after being appointed by the Honolulu Mayor and confirmed by the Honolulu City Council. He has served on numerous nonprofit boards, was a member of the 2014 Class of the Pacific Century Fellows. Tyler was recognized as one of Pacific Business News’ “40 Under Forty” for his work in both the business and advocacy community. He is a graduate of Punahou School and Yale University.